The Dragon Shield Saga Book 2

The Dragon Shield Saga Book 2
The Dragon's Shield Saga

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Newt's News - Where was I? . . .

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Oh yes, now I remember. . . .
Being here (meaning Oklahoma) for nearly 40 years has taught me a good many things about growing up, and finally (At least my driver's license says I am) about being a grown up. The early years we'll get to later, but for right now I'll stick to the grown up part. The one thing I know I've learned after all these years is that I must have bad MoJo when it comes to women. I can't seem to get with the right one to save my 'Pee-Picken Heart'. What is it with women anyways, are they so insecure, or ruthless that they have to dump on me every chance they get? Or is it me in some way? The few women I've been with have all gotten rid of me. The longest lasting two years. The shortest, just a couple months. I know I'm not the sharpest tack in the box, but I'm no dummy either. I have two degrees - (AA, BA). Is this some kind of turnoff for women, or am I just missing the point along the way? Do I have such a crappy attitude on life that they seem to absorb all of my negative energy? Do I sleep too much? Not enough? Do I fart after I eat? (Don't answer that Charles, I'll get to you later on.) Am I such a crappy person without insight and forethought they just navigate away from me after a while? I would really like to know. I like to think of myself as outspoken (God help us all), likeable, loveable even, funny (just ask Charles), (He's popping up more ain't he?) Or is it that I can't play along to get along? (Not me folks, trust me on that one.) Women are the scourge of the World. Now, don't get the wrong impression when I say that. I love women. In all their myriad ways and means. Their beautiful skins, complexions, tones, shapes, flexibilities, and all around roundness and firmness. ME Love WOMEN. But they gonna be the death of me. Or, better yet, the reason I jump in the lake. Can someone answer that question for me? Am I so bad?
Now don't get me wrong, I know as well as the average Smoe on the street that men aren't the best animals in the jungle. Me one of them after all. They be after the SCORE. At least most of them I've been around. But to tell you the truth, I've never felt that way. I always thought to be with someone you truly love, you need to honor and respect them. Not Thrust and Perry them. Guess I'm not much for the animal game, huh? And that's not saying all men are like that, nor all women out to shit on men. It's just the way things have turned out for me. So goes the cards. But I do get lonely. Nature of the beast, I guess. I'm hoping one day to have the fairy tale. You know,  beautiful blond, brunette, redhead, grayhaired (love older women, ok), black haired vixen ready to pounce on my over sexed body, with a white picket fence, lawn, and 3.5 kids. It might be too late for the kids part - too long in the tooth, I think? - but the rest would be ok.
Now, just chime in anytime here, OK. I can take it. (I hope) Just remember, animals have feelings too. And you'd know that if you ever saw a dog cry. Mine does, when I have to leave it with my brother. Sad, I know.
Pathetic, really. Dog, not me.
And now for the Rest of the Story . . . . Next part?. . . . .
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